New Ambassador Update

Hi everybody, this is just a quick email with some recent updates.

There will be a slight price increase tomorrow on the website across most of the range. This is due to an increase in cost with the recent weak GBP price. If you advertise prices on your social media, please make sure you update them.

Every month we will be assessing our current ambassador’s activity. If we feel you are no longer active we will remove you from the program. This is to keep things fresh and allow new ambassador’s to join in place.

We currently have 17 inactive accounts due to ambassadors not logging in for the first time. If this is you and you are still interested, please log in so your account changes to active. Any inactive accounts after 07/10/18 automatically get deleted.

We have had some questions regarding the discount code and link shared with followers. You can use either, or both, but customers must use the discount code to get 10% off. You will always get 10% commission of the final sale value.

As stated when you first sign up, you can only use your AMBASSADOR30 for yourself and nobody else, if you use the code for anyone else then your account will be deleted and you will be unable to re apply in the future.

We now have over 60 ambassadors. We will be closing the applications at 100 so if you have any friends/family who might be interested, tell them to apply now!

Coming up this month we have a ‘trick or treat’ competition which will be held on 31st October, we will reveal more as it gets closer!

Everyone is thinking about Christmas now! Believe it or not, people go mad over gym apparel at Christmas. We’ve seen a massive increase in sales this weekend already and judging by last year its going to be very busy!

Lastly, do you have any ideas/thoughts about our range? Anything you want to see or think we could improve on? We want our ambassadors to have an opportunity to share their ideas and make Gymtier become an amazing brand!

Hope you all have a great week!

If you have any concerns or problems with anything please email me back and I will be in touch.

– Rosie

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