Update 18/10/2018

Hello Everyone!

Hope you are all enjoying being a Gymtier ambassador. So many of you have earned commission which is great to see.

The Instagram pod has really taken off so thank you to everyone who replied to my email and wanted to be a part of it. It’s really had a positive impact on our page as well as everyone else’s.

It has been brought to our attention that a few people are using the love heart/emoji incorrectly. The love heart/emoji should only be sent in the chat if you have liked AND commented on the post in question. If you are busy or unable to comment when you first see the post, please don’t put the love heart/emoji.
From now on Gymtier will be checking every post. We will keep track of ambassadors who aren’t following the rules and you will eventually get removed.

Accidental use of own affiliate link

We have noticed some ambassadors have incorrectly earned commission by clicking their own link and then making a personal purchase on the site. This is an error on our part and we have been unable to program it out of our affiliate system on the website. For this reason we have decided to remove links entirely and coupon codes will be the only method for you to earn commission on sales. We have begun the process of removing incorrectly earned commission from affiliate accounts.


We understand this is unintentional and inevitably you are going to click your own link to see what happens but we cannot allow self commission to be earned on top of the 30% ambassador discount code.


If you have already shared your affiliate link it will remain active, but will no longer be attainable to new ambassadors via the portal. Please make sure you just use your coupon code going forwards.


Upcoming events

We will be launching some new products on the site in the coming weeks and will keep you all posted. We plan to offer an exclusive ambassador Tee at a low cost. If you have any thoughts and ideas please get in touch.


That’s all for now.


– Rosie

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